120 N. Riverside Plaza
Chicago - 2007

Throughout his career, Pier Luigi Nervi consistently won many design competitions for his ability to deliver projects both faster
and cheaper than everyone else. Much of his success was attributed to efficient cost-estimation and fabrication techniques,
most of which invented by him. Spanning a wide variety of architectural typologies, his projects exhibited a sense of elegance
and character independent of function or structural loads. The methods he used, both as an engineer and contractor, ensured
that each project acquired its character from the design of smaller units which could be mass-produced. As each project
began with a different set of constraints, the design of these smaller units evolved into different formal solutions that gave
unique characteristics to the project independent of the methods employed.

Situated along the Chicago River, 120 N. Riverside Plaza makes use of Pier Luigi's formwork technique by replicating the first
unit throughout the tower's exoskeleton, which performs both as structure and ornament as it wraps around the tower.