Conflicted Icon No. 2
Inequality in Vertical Typologies - 2013

Usually by default, sometimes through differentiation, the inevitability of the icon has often been valued on merits of scale but less so on its
architectural qualities. This reading has always been true of towers, which tend to get noticed because of their verticality. Contemporary work
is still subject to this modernist legacy.

The ‘Conflicted Icon’ thus investigates a series of architectural mechanisms for high-rise typologies by which the iconic status of the tower is
appropriated and internalized in conflict with its own vertical nature. Rather than embracing verticality as the source of architectural value, the
project investigates a definition for vertical iconicity as it crashes into the ground. The architectural qualities of 'crash-landing' are evaluated
for stress points of iconic failure, re-configuring its posture and mode of perception at the level of architectural object, urban component,
and cultural artifact.